RS or dierential balanced XLR inputs and
outputs. Choice of stereo or the sum of left
and right channels while the synthesis of ultralow
sound. X10 range are two-channel selector
switch. Two channels have 40hz high pass lter
(low cut) all the outputs with phase reverse
switch. All the bands on the average output can
be independently adjuested dB/ Linkwitz-Riley
lters (the professional standard). Stereo / Mono
status indication LED lights, indicating that the
choice of unit of work pattern.

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Product Description

Technical parameters
TRS or XLS balanced inputs and outputs
Choice of stereo or sum of the synthesis of left
and right channel subwoofer.
X10 range are two channel selector switch.
Two channels have 40Hz high pass lter(low cut).
All outputs with phase reverse switch.
The output of all bands can be independetly
adjusted averege.
24dB/Linkwitz- Riley filter(the professional standard).
Stereo/Mono status indication LED Lights,
indicating that the mode selection unit.
31 Band